Father's Day

by Jannika Forester




Father’s Day is just around the corner! Did you mark it down on your calendar? Well, it’s on the 17th of June this year which means it’s less than a week! Have you picked a gift for your dad, grandpa, uncle, brothers … boyfriends? No worries, you still have time, let’s start thinking now!

You’ll probably be thinking that Father’s Day isn’t as big deal as Mother’s Day, right? Well, YOU’RE WRONG! Father’s Day is just important as Mother’s Day. Well, my mother gave birth to me. If it weren’t for your father’s help, you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this blog, right? That’s why we honor fathers as well as mothers. They both are important in our lives. Fathers are comforting, teaching, disciplinary, and patiently guide us as we grow up.

Father’s Day isn’t as popular as Mother’s Day. According to National Retail Federation, in 2011, people spent $11.1 billion on dear old dad as opposed to $16.3 billion on mom. Consumers reason that they would rather do something fun and spend quality time with their family, like a special outing or maybe having brunch or dinner. What kind of father doesn’t like anything that involves food? The National Retail Federation predicts that consumers would spend the average of $117.14 per person on fathers this year, up from $106.94 in 2011. All in all dads across the nation will rake in a whopping $12.7 billion for business.

According to National Retail Federation, the survey for Father’s Day 2012 spending category expects to increase across the board. I hope dad likes the great outdoors, because the sporting goods and experiential category will boast this year’s highest sales at $2.3 billion. Seriously, nothing beats spending quality time with your father. Tech toys come in at second place at $1.7 billion. Apparel is expected to bring in an additional $1.7 billion. If your dad is like mine, he buys what he wants, when he wants it. This makes shopping for him exceedingly difficult. Apparently others feel the same, our magic number, $1.7 billion, is also the cost spent on gifting cards. Don’t feel bad, everyone is doing it.




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