Hair Nets and Turbans

Hair Nets and Turbans

The Purpose of Hair Nets

So what is the purpose of hair nets exactly? What could these odd "hat-like" objects do for a person? They have a very important job when it comes to serving food, as they keep the hair from your head from landing into somebody else's food! Imagine if you ordered a meal from a restaurant, and you have a big, long black hair sitting on top of your pasta or lightly settling in your beverage. Disgusting right? So instead, servers wear hair nets and wholesale hair accessories so that you, and their other customers, never have to undergo such a traumatic event.

Health Regulations

Not only are hair nets used to make sure that customers still want to go to the restaurant after this meal, but there are various health regulations that enforce the use of hair nets. Having your hair drop into somebody's meal is actually a health violation, and it can damage a restaurant's health records. In order to pass health inspections, hair nets are required to be worn by all employees that go near any food products.

The Lunch Lady

If you ever bought school lunches, you may have noticed the hair nets worn by the lunch ladies. You may have laughed at them at the time, but at the time you probably never imagined that you would need hair nets for your own business or for yourself! You would probably thank your lunch ladies for their hair nets now, it kept their hair out of your food!

Buying hair Nets

We have all sorts of hair nets available for our customers, and they come in different colors. This makes it so that you can get hair nets that match the color of a business, or even just match the uniform. Our hair nets are made to keep every single strand of hair out of your customer's food, which is exactly what you want from a hair net. We even have various kinds of hair nets that fit to different people's hair styles, so give us a look today!

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