Wig Caps and Du-Rags

Wig Caps and Du-Rags

Du-rags and wholesale hair accessories feature long winged materials or ties on either side, which are then wrapped around the head, which is then tied at the back, with remaining wings handing down. Today, du-rags are designed with an elastic headband and the ties are stitched together to hand in the back. Du-rags are now popularly advertised on shelves in upscale department stores, to store shelves in the “hood.” They were originally featured mainly in the color of black, but today, they can be customized in whatever color, pattern or style that your imagination can think of. 

From the 1970's to present, du-rags have been associated with gangs in the black male community, as well as African-American hip hop artists and rappers. However, the U.S. and European military have used black du-rags as an undercover or deep operative headdress to wear under the stealth cover of night. Du-rags have escaped the black neighborhoods and have made a wide appeal in the white urban sectors. They are now worn by country artists like Bret Michaels, who has a pet line of unique du-rags and wholesale hair accessories for your dog or cat. Tim McGraw and Keith Anderson have made du-rags their unique signature look, both while performing on stage and as a part of their everyday apparel accessory.

Men, women and children, yes even our pets are adorning du-rags as a cosmetic accessory. Du-rags are more popularly spelled “doo rags,” when worn by athletes in the field of hockey, baseball, basketball and football. In other sporting arenas, such as motorcycling, professional car racing, du-rags are worn under their helmets for added hair protection. Du-rags serve a dual purpose in society, one as a hair covering to keep long strands of hair, tucked neatly beneath it, while performing various activities. Secondly, they are just too cool for words and with the right casual wear, du-rags are just phat!

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