Thigh Highs

Thigh Highs

Fishnet thigh highs

Whether dressing up for Haloween, going out to a costume party, or just enjoying a night out in which you want to be a little bit different, fishnet thigh highs are sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. Any outfit can be made just a little extra sexy with fishnet thigh highs and fashion hosiery! Even if you've never considered wearing fishnet thigh highs before, they can be a great way to have some extra fun with your wardrobe!

Fishnet thigh highs have been around for years and years, but no one is quite sure where fishnet thigh highs originally came to be. Many think the first time fishnet thigh highs are mentioned is during one of Aesop's fables. In "The Clever Peasant's Daughter", the story notes that a girl wrapped herself in fishnet. Perhaps this is, indeed, the first time a girl donned fishnet, or maybe the orign dates back even farther.

Until the 1960's, wearing fishnets was not exactly something that "respectable" women did. On the contrary, the fashion was a telling signal that the woman wearing them was a prostitute, or at least didn't have very strong morals. But when the love revolution hit, everyone because fans of showing off their legs in fishnet thigh highs, which were often held up with garter belts. Women couldn't get enough of fishnet thigh highs. Perhaps what may have once scared men off as a signal a woman wasn't moral enough now was what reeled him in for good!

We have plenty of styles of designs of fishnet thigh highs for any occasion. We carry many basic fishnet thigh highs in standard black color and a basic pattern. We also have a variety of different color choices that can both stand out and be the main focus of an outfit, or can compliment the rest of the color choices you've made. Fishnet thigh highs and fashion hosiery are great because they can become both the main focus or a nice accessory, but an accessory that can always stand alone!

Our fishnet thigh highs can be worn under virtually anything. Fishnet thigh highs look great under skirts and dresses, and can also be worn with shorts to make them extra edgy. We offer fishnet thigh highs in different sizes and lengths as well, to fit anyone looking to wear them. In addition, we have different opaque fishnet thigh highs in different colors, as a slightly more subtle look.

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