Sexy garters

Sexy garters are back and men all over the world are celebrating. Women wearing sexy garters harkens back to a time when women showing their ankles were considered risqué. Back then seeing a pair of sexy garters even in a lingerie store was a major turn on for a lot of guys. In fact any man who said he had actually seen sexy garters on a woman was either married, paid for the pleasure or was lying.

Back in 14th Century England it was considered good luck to get a piece of the bride's attire. Witnesses were also required to ensure the bride and groom had consummated their marriage. They had to bring proof they had witnessed the act. Getting a piece of the bride's most intimate apparel, her sexy garters, was considered good evidence you had been in the new couple's boudoir. But brides and grooms soon grew tired of crowds in their bedrooms on their wedding night so the tradition of throwing the brides sexy garters at the wedding party was born.

Still, few things make women feel as pretty and get a rise out of a man as sexy garters. Many men still blush when they see sexy garters in a lingerie store or women's apparel advertising. In fact Victoria's Secret and a number of other women's intimate apparel merchants have found their catalogues are just as popular with men as they are with women. For lots of guys seeing sexy garters, even if it is just a photo, is like getting a chance to peep behind that most intimate of curtains.

With the invention and popularization of panty-hose, the sexy garters men grew up fantasizing about all but disappeared. Sensibilities began to change and the hint and hide sexual play of the old days was replaced by thongs and other wanton displays of a woman's most intimate places. Men didn't complain. Naked, or near naked women are a welcome sight to most men. But the magical days of sexual peek-a-boo which the sexy garters represented were still cherished memories for many men, albeit older ones.

But sexy garters are back with a vengeance. And they are attracting a whole new generation of admirers. Sexy garters now signal a woman has class as well as beauty. Sexy garters are not just for weddings any more. Sexy garters are back with a vengeance and men everywhere are rejoicing.

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