Viscose Scarves

Viscose Scarves

Viscose scarves

Winter, spring, summer or fall, open up the latest fashion magazine and you will likely notice one obvious trend: Viscose scarves seem to be everywhere today. Whether tie-dyed, sequined, or covered in zebra print, viscose scarves have taken hold of the fashion industry, making the light material piece a highly sought accessory.

Viscose scarves are designer scarves made from a fine viscose, a type of highly absorbent and light rayon that makes for a soft and comfortable article. Viscose scarves and cool scarves are available in any color, print or design imaginable and many are custom-made for particular customers. All viscose scarves have personality and some of the most popular viscose scarves and cool scarves are fashioned with coins, beaded tussles, hand-knotted fringes, embroidered motifs, and woven designs. Lively colors meld together, blending luxurious patterns, shades and designs into stylish, highly desirable fashion accessories. Viscose carves designed for the colder seasons are generally created from more dense, heavier material, while spring and summer viscose scarves are typically lightweight.

The popularity of viscose scarves likely stems from the charming, yet sophisticated look they create. They are easy to tie and drape and suitable for all occasions. Viscose scarves carry a timeless signature and can be used to as the accessory that styles up a simple, casual t-shirt or tones down the executive feel of a blazer to a more laid back look. The versatility of viscose scarves is truly endless. The scarf can be paired with anything from the little black dress to the dark leather jacket, colorful tanks, fitted sweaters, or button-down shirts, and can be taken from daytime to nighttime entertainment and events. Even business attire has not been immune to being teamed up with a color-accentuating, loose-fitting viscose scarf.

Viscose scarves also do not distinguish between genders. Women as well as men have been spotted sporting long pattern striped, plaid fringe style, or knit viscose scarves at all occasions. The beauty of this stylish accessory is that it is effortlessly paired with casual as well as formal wear, allowing the male customer base to wear their viscose scarves just as comfortably with a V-neck and jeans as with a suit and overcoat.

Viscose scarves are versatile as well as practical, as they may be worn in the traditional sense, looped around the neck, used as head wear, or draped and tied into a complementing article of clothing. Bringing together concepts of modernity, unique charm, and authenticity, viscose scarves are a clear reflection of personal style and identity.

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