Childrens Sports

Childrens Sports

Hide and Seek is the most famous of all the outside games for kids. One child counts to 20 while the others hide. That child then tries to find those who are hiding. This is especially fun for adults to play when they need a break from the kids. Send all the buggers out to hide and forget to look for them for a few hours.

Of all the outside games for kids to play, Capture the Flag will get as many as possible out of the house and out of your hair at one time. Divide the kids into two teams. Each team has a flag at the other team's home base. Whichever team captures their flag and makes it back to their own side first wins. While trying to capture the flag from the enemy territory kids that are tagged go to the enemy's jail.

A list of outside games for kids wouldn't be complete without Red Light, Green Light. This is played on a neighborhood street where there isn't much traffic. The kids should be riding on bikes, scooters, in wagons, and walking. One kid directs traffic, making sure they don't run into each other. This is more fun than it sounds, especially when they actually run into each other.

Divide the kids into two teams for Red Rover. Each team holds hands while facing the other side. The sides take turns calling for someone from the opposing team to run over. That person tries to break through the line. If the child breaks through he brings someone back to his team. If he doesn't break through he becomes part of the opposing team. Of all the outside games for kids this one gets really interesting when played in wet, muddy areas. Each time someone is called to the other side each team should take a step back. Eventually the teams will be so far apart the runners will probably slip and splat in the mud before reaching the other side. This is the messiest of all the outside games for kids.

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