Costumes are the quintessential party item. Costume parties not only add an element of fun to any party, but it also gets people out of their shell. Costumes give people something to talk about besides the standard humdrum that you encounter at a party like the weather, your job, your parents, ect. Costumes and novelty items allow you, for at least for a night, to become a pirate, princess, gladiator or firefighter. However there are some rules to attending a costume party. For example you can’t show up to a C.E.O. Themed party dressed as a hobo or go to a superhero party dressed as a villain in cheap wayfarer sunglasses.

The first rule in picking a costume for your party is to find out what type of party you're attending. Dressing up as a sexy nurse is great for a party among your friends, however showing up in your sexy little number may not be appropriate to wear to your nephew’s birthday party. This means that it is of utmost importance to know exactly what kind of theme the party has and what kind of people will be attending.

Once you have established what the theme is and what kind of crowd will be attending, it is important to get some information on what the weather will be like. If it is cold out people may want to consider rethinking the skin tight spandex in favor of something a little warmer. It would also be wise to check whether or not it is going to rain, If you are caught outside in a costume that requires a lot of makeup then it's bound to get ruined.

After you have determined what kind of halloween costume you can pull off it is time to make sure that your costume really pops. To ensure that you have one of the cleanest costumes at the party you need to accessorize. For example if you are going as a vampire, you need to make sure that you have fangs and a cape to pull off the look. However if you really want to stand out then it would be wise to invest in some cool party favors and fake blood to make it  look like you have just fed on some poor bystander and perhaps put on some white make-up in order to make your skin a few shades paler.

If you keep these tips in mind when shopping for your next costume and you will surely make a splash.



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