Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costumes

So you want to be a knight of the round table or even a king or queen of medieval times, but want should your medieval costumes consist of? A hooded tunic in a black or gray, a shield, which could be made out of aluminum foil if you are crafty enough, and a sword and you will be all set. If you want to be Robin Hood please, make sure you look good in the tights first. If King Arthur is more your type, don’t forget the crown. A common medieval man had many color choices for their tunic and pants. Men’s medieval costumes can be made in the same colors to match his lady's gown.

Ladies medieval costumes could consist of any elaborate gown. Most of the gowns were silk or velvet at the time. Colors commonly used for medieval costumes are gold, burgundy, and blue. The necks are square in shape and sleeves are sheer and puffy. Maybe you do not have a desire to be part of the royal class, find some old rags to put on and tell everyone you are of the poor class. The lower classes were only allowed to wear two colors and their attire was very simple in style. Lady Robin Hood or a lady knight would make fun medieval costumes.

What would the medieval times be without a honorable knight in shining armor? Complete armor costumes would make creative medieval costumes for either a male or a female. Use lots of Armor All to make your costume shine. If you get tired of your medieval party, you can always go next door to the Wizard of Oz party and be the Tin Man.

Every party needs entertainment. Court jester costumes are the top of the list for medieval costumes. Tights, pointed shoes with bells on, a multi-colored hat with bells, a pointed multi-colored color, and tunic, and you are all set to entertain. There are many choices for medieval costumes for both men and woman. Ladies and their knights ruled the day.

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    Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume 4706XS - 4706L

    Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume - It's the Princess Leia he's dreamed of! Sexy Princess Leia in her slave outfit. 5-Piece Star Wars Princess Leia Slave costume includes skirt with elastic waist and attached plastic shield. Fabric bra with...
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