Unique Costume Ideas

Unique Costume Ideas

Unique Costume Ideas

Whether you need an awesome costume for Halloween, a masquerade party or a get-together, the time is now to start planning for that perfect look. Unique costume ideas, including covering up and roll-playing have been an historical past time. Unique costume ideas are perfect as entertainment for a fun night out. Dressing up and showing off Unique costume ideas dates back to the 13th century when Masquerade balls were the highlight of carnivals and other world-renowned festivities! Hiding behind a mask and clever costume can transform you into a dashing diva ready to take on the night or an all-important super hero ready to swoop in and save the day. Finding unique costume ideas that bring out your inner God or Goddess can make you the star of the evening. 

Unique costume ideas abound on our website! Get some laughs as you show off your hidden gator catching skills and hillbilly hand fishing with our Backwoods Beau costume! Whether you call yourself Larry, Billy Bob or Jimbo for the evening, you better be ready to crack a lot of redneck jokes when you are dressed to the hillbilly nines in this special costume. We have unique costume ideas for the redneck wannabe. Achieve the look with some gold aviators, a mullet wig and an adjustable mustache that are all included in our costume package!

Move over Captain Jack Sparrow, there is a new witty pirate in town! Achieve and conquer some unique costume ideas and then some with our Sea Bandit instant costume! Shiver me timbers is all you will be saying when you show up at the party from your lost shipwreck! Perfect for the guy who has all of the pirate lingo down or maybe after polishing off that bottle of Rum! Look the pirate part with our costume that includes a black beard, pirate hook, skull eye-patch and red bandanna! This costume is sure to wow guests and party-goers, if not all others will have to walk the plank!

If you are looking for unique costume ideas, check out our Kinky Kitty costume. If you are feeling like you would like be out on the prowl tonight, be a little bad and use our unique costume ideas such as the Kinky Kitty to roll play through to the wee morning hours! Show off you finest assets at the party with an LED cat headband, cat tail and gloves. 

Nerd alert! If you are feeling a little nerdy and looking for unique costume ideas, try out our bonafide nerd costume get up! Get ready to crack dorky jokes and see who can laugh the loudest with our unique costume ideas for your next party! Put on the propeller cap, nerdy glasses, yellow bow-tie and skinny suspenders. Just don’t forget the high-waters to add to unique costume ideas.

If you have always wanted to be a bounty hunter and catch the bad guy, you can with our unique costume ideas. Give our bounty hunter costume a run for the money! It includes a badge and ID holder, handcuffs, spike wristband and chopper sunglasses.

Unique costume ideas are what we specialize in. Role play unique costume ideas into life and find the right look for you!
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