Funny Costumes

Funny Costumes

The first costumes were created for theatrical plays. These costumes were made to fit a character’s personality and storyline, much different than the funny costume ideas you can choose to wear today. In the 19th century, children were dressing up – or guising themselves – in costumes to go collect candy for Halloween. Adults also enjoyed the Halloween spirit by wearing costumes to parties and festivals.

Some traditional style costumes:

•    Animals
•    Celebrities
•    Team Mascots
•    Supernatural Creatures
•    Fictional Characters
•    Common Professions

Funny Costume Ideas that Are Anything But Traditional

You can always take these traditional style costumes, and incorporate a bit of humor to create funny costume ideas for your next party or event. For instance, you may dress up as a well-known businessman or a political figure, but if you wear the name tags of various business and political figures, you are officially the person who has an identity crisis and the funniest costume at the party. Make traditional ideas into funny costume ideas. A traditional cheerleading coach costume could turn into Coach Sylvester from Glee. Funny costume ideas are more original, than traditional.

When you think of funny costume ideas, you have to be creative. The funny costume ideas do not always have to spell out who you are. Perhaps you choose a werewolf as your funny costume idea, but you do not have fangs and hair all over the place. This does not mean you are not a werewolf, it just means the moon is not full, so you have not transformed. Your friends will find these types of funny costume ideas are also clever.

Funny Costume Ideas from the Internet

With the invention of the internet, more and more funny costume ideas were created. You never know what will pop up in a blog or on a video stream, but if you look hard enough, you will find lots of funny costume ideas. So many interviews are turning the interviewee into an internet sensation. You can create funny costume ideas based off of these internet sensations.

Funny costume ideas are plentiful, and they can be worn for any costume event. The more humor associated with the costume, the funnier it is. Choose funny costume ideas that spell out fun and your personality!

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