Hawaiian Costumes

Hawaiian Costumes

Hawaiian costumes incorporate Hawaiian tradition and history, too. The costumes are reminiscent at times of the culture of the islands, even if people don't always realize it. While they may find it cute and funny to wear grass skirts and coconut bras, Hawaiian people dress this way for their luau celebrations. Another tradition that is often a part of dressing in Hawaiian costumes is the wearing of a lei - a string of flowers that is traditionally given to those visiting Hawaii. Though a serious tradition there, many people that throw Hawaiian themed parties make it a practice to "lei" as many people as they can in one night as a humorous practice.

Another take on the Hawaiian costumes trend is to simply dress like a tourist. Loud patterned shirts with bright colors and lots of flower print along with socks and sandals fit the description of Hawaiian tourists perfectly. Even pets can get in on wearing Hawaiian costumes. Pet-sized clothing, leis and even flower headbands are available in sizes for all breeds so that the smallest member of the family is able to participate, too.

In order to properly pull off Hawaiian costumes, a person must be willing to fully embrace their clothing choice. Those dressed as if they are going to luaus shouldn't be afraid to bust out a few moves -- even men wearing grass skirts are not exempt! No Hawaiian costumes are complete without a fruity drink or sunglasses, and both of these items make ideal accessories, but also serve a purpose. Looking the part makes it that much easier to play the part, and who wouldn't want to be in Hawaii?

Wearing costumes at parties are fun, creative, and can show off a person's true personality. Even in the winter months, dressing for the beach and warm weather can be a good way to beat the winter blues. Grab a grass skirt and some coconuts, and say "Aloha!" to the beach -- even if it is miles away.

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