Making people laugh has been around since the beginning of man. Laughing has been found to be the best medicine - well that's what people say just go with it. Maybe soon hospitals will have laugh factories and comedians on call.

Comedians use many props to help them with their jokes. Animal props and novelty items have been used on stages and television shows for decades. Audiences and friends alike would laugh when an animal prop was thrown onto the stage.

The famous red-haired street performer that now is showcased in Las Vegas was famous for having a treasure box of gifts that would appear alongside his many jokes. He most definitely had animal props at one time in his overly-extended career.

While watching movies of the past, one is sure to come across an actor or actress that uses classic animal props.

The most famous and widely used animal props and novelty items are the rubber chickens. Performers and actors would throw these animal props on stage to throw off the audience and supporting cast to get a quick laugh. These animal props stretch and some of them even squeak for that added unexpected laugh. These animal props are an added joy for any party or fun occasion.

Animal props can look fake or just as realistic as the animals they are trying to be. Little comedians can add a rubber mouse to their collection and watch mom jump on the table when they believe their house is being invaded by an army of rodents.

Some animal props can help make a Halloween or theme party stand out. Snake animal props are so fun and realistic they can quicken heartbeat just as much as the real thing. Just hold one of these animal props up and wait for the screams. Also, by placing one of these animal props in the corner of a haunted house or hanging from the ceiling can add to the realism.

The classic rubber snake has a wooden material counterpart. The wooden pieces are hinged together to allow the snake more lively over the past stiffer ones. When these snakes are held, they wiggle and move just as much as a real snake.

Other animal props that can make a haunted house or theater a frightening experience are props that copy the actual size of the animals. These animal props can simulate life-sized dogs and cats that have become road kill. Watch friends and visitors gasp when they think Woofie had a bad accident. Animal props are a classic that will add fun to any boring environment.


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