Party Noise Makers

Party Noise Makers

Our party noise makers are a license to show your wild side!

Party noise makers are used on New Year’s, at Christmas, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, luaus, and even Easter. Mozart was one of the first well-known classical composers to include a tambourine along with the orchestra in his compositions. Party blowouts and novelty items have been around a long time. They were not initially intended for children’s use. Only adults celebrated with party blowouts. Now, children enjoy them in making music.

Party blowouts and novelty items have become more colorful and are child-friendly. What would a birthday party be without them? Memories are made by banging cowbell instrument with friends - birthday cake frosting still in the corners of the mouth.

The fourth of July is another day of celebration, when fireworks and cowbell instrument offer out-of-the-ordinary fun.

For a gypsy flavor, tie assorted colors of ribbon to one side of a tambourine. Nothing compares to flowing colors that complement the small jangling cymbals, cowbell instrument to keep the rhythm.

Also, maracas were another choice for music. Originally made from gourds and partially filled with seeds, they're now available in neon plastic. These party noise makers, used in Latin music, are played in pairs. Shake, shake, shake – the sound says every day is a fiesta!

Shake things up at night with the glow from our LED maracas. Music and light - double the fun. Parents are bound to tap their feet to the beat. Buy our cowbell drum in bulk and save!

Maybe glitter maracas are preferred. Also a cowbell drum made to fit small hands, and in assorted color pairs, this cowbell drum glitters their way into music. Shake up high and shake down low. Sets come in packs of two or twelve.

Our neon-colored tambourines add to any band. Tap away for jingles and giggles.

Play the kids’ favorite songs on the CD player, and let them play along. Join in. What adult has never smiled while playing with his child’s inviting party noise makers?

Make each day a celebration. Keep our unique party noise makers on hand for children’s’ impromptu creativity. Perhaps during dress-up time, a full musical performance may follow.

Private Island Party is the source for all things festive. With simple designs, our products offer true bang for the buck.

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