Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes

A more elaborate pirate costume can include a black and white striped shirt with a bit of a flow to the sleeves. Pair it with black pants and a red belt. Gold hoop earrings are good, and don't forget the black boots.
One good twist to pirates costumes is the sexy pirate. Pirates are sex symbols, and sexy pirates costumes are particularly beloved due to recent films. They are sure to score you some serious booty.

Men's sexy pirates costumes should show as much of the chest as possible. It helps to have a six pack, so get to the gym before your pirates costumes adventure. Wear your shirt completely unbuttoned and tucked into your low belt. Pirates costumes should include a sword. Stick it into a sheath on your belt so it pulls your pants down low. Black boots are hot. Also grow some nice beard stubble, not so much that you look like you've been at sea for months but enough for that tough pirate style.

Ladies' sexy pirates costumes focus on boobs. For pirates costumes, push them high, and push them out. Wear a white blouse that is at least a size too small. Leave the top three buttons open. Your bra should be black or red with some lace, and it should show. Wear a short skirt and thigh high boots that serve as a treasure map to your very hot booty. Consider temporary dying your hair red. Pirates costumes for women always look best on gingers. Also try sticking a few gold coins, or doubloons in pirate talk, down into your bra to offer any sea worthy men you meet.

The final detail to great pirates costumes is the language. Start by using the word me instead of my, as in "Shiver me timbers, me booty is cold in me short skirt." While wearing pirates costumes, your friends are "mateys" and rum is your drink. Pirates costumes are the perfect attire for almost any occasion and will make the wearer the life of the party.

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    Shiver me Timbers, beware the vicious Sea Bandit Instant Costume! A salty accent to any outfit, great with ripped t-shirts or old leggings!      Package Includes: Skull Eyepatch; Pirate Hook; Black Beard; Red...
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