Scary Costumes

Scary Costumes

Scary costumes have evolved a bit over the years,however, and now it is acceptable to throw on some cat ears and lingerie and consider your costume a hit. If this is your idea of scary costumes, we need to fix that. Throwing a sheets over yourself and your friends will not suffice as scary costumes either, so here are some tips and trends to make the upcoming Halloween (or any other event in which you might need a scary costume) a success. Let's do scary right!

Makeup. It's all about the makeup. If you're a dude and the mere thought of plastering your own face in makeup frightens you, then suck it up, because this is your chance to epitomize the phrase "scary costumes." With some simple household products such as cotton, sponges, or paper, and a cheap costume make up kit from the store, you can create gruesome gashes, bloody scars, a half-severed neck, and many other gory wounds perfect for scary costumes.

Why not try out some additional limbs, 'eh? You can buy cheap plastic arms, eyeballs, tongues, and other extremities that are perfect additions for scary costumes. Nothing screams "disturbing" quite like covering yourself in hundreds and hundreds of rubber eye balls.

Scary costumes don't have to be so obviously scary, though. Just think of know...THE Jason, the original king of scary costumes. The sight of that plain, white hockey mask sends chills down just about everyone's spine. Scary costumes can be kept simple but spine-chilling, just like Jason's mask or the killer form "Halloween."

Scary costumes are also effective if there is an element of surprise. There's few things more unsettling than a Voldemort-esque, fetus-y attachment dangling from your scary costumes. This is your big chance to get creative.

Scary costumes needn't be relegated to one theme or idea of what is scary. Think of the things that haunt your dreams the most at night, what really makes you shiver when you're alone, what makes you think you see something when it is not there - incorporate those things into your scary costumes.

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    Black Cat Ears Headband 12 PACK 16770

    Black Cat Ears Headband 12 PACK 16770   Unleash your beast with our Black Cat headband! Great for halloween. One size fits most. Fun as they are stylish, these headbands are for costume parties. cat costumes, as well as goofing...
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