St Patricks Costumes

St Patricks Costumes

It was the Americans who started the trend of wearing St Patricks Day costumes. However, the trend in St Patricks Day costumes has come a long way from dressing up as a plain little leprechaun. Now when you go to the bar to get your pint of green beer, the leprechaun sitting next to you may be wearing his beer mug on his head. The leprechaun on the other bar stool may be wearing shot glasses on his suspenders and beer cans in his belt. The bartender may be dressed as the character from your kid’s favorite breakfast cereal and juggling funny shape marshmallows. You never know what kind of leprechaun you just might meet.

As for the ladies, there are several ways for you to get your green on. Some St Patricks Day costumes can be found right in your closet. Remember that green plaid skirt from school? Put that on with some thigh highs and you will be ready to do an Irish jig. A popular trend in St Patricks Day costumes for women is to bring the sexy side of you out. An Irish beer maiden would be a great example of this costume. Create your own costume by wearing a leprechaun hat, shamrock glasses, and a green dress. The women at the party will be green with envy.

So what about Rover? He does not want to be left out of all the fun. St Patricks Day costumes for dogs are trendy right now. He would make a cut dressed in a green hat and jacket. Or maybe he prefers a more subtle way to celebrate, and would prefer a kiss me I am Irish headband. A green bandana would be a nice touch too.

However you decide to celebrate St Patty’s Day, St Patricks Day costumes will help make the day extra special. After all, how can you not have fun dressed up and drinking a pint of green beer?

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    St Patricks Day Adult Green Plaid Kilt 4487- St. Patrick's Day typically involves lots of beer, and way too many trips to the bathroom. The adult green plaid kilt works for a number of great St. Patrick's Day costumes, but also doubles as a way to...
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