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Water Guns

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Water guns have been around for a long time. Kids and adults have been using them at least since the late 1800's. The big star in the water gun arena has to be Lonnie Johnson. This creative engineer is credited with discovering a design that has developed into the popular toy kids and "kids at heart" know and love today. In the early days water guns were sometimes mistaken for real guns. They were actually used in stick ups because they resembled the real thing. Laws were passed that remedied this problem. The water pistols you see today are either transparent or colored. H2O is still my weapon of choice.

Water guns work with spray like canisters. A pump forces water through a tiny hole called a nozzle. More advanced water guns are even powered by batteries. If you want a really powerful gun try a Water Blaster - the spray actually travels 60 feet or more. Think of the many ways you could get in trouble using this beauty. Don't forget that I warned you. As you can see there are many variations and models of water guns some have springs, some use peristaltic pumps, and some models are just a plain piston type of gun. We carry many of these variations and sell wholesale water guns for those looking to buy cheap water guns in bulk!

One of best ways to enjoy cheap water guns is through games. Tag is a super easy game, and a lot of fun too. Whoever you choose as it will get the pleasure of firing upon other players who than are frozen till released. How about my favorite: an old fashioned pistol fight in the pool. Just remember to use common sense and enjoy. One neat trend to watch is the Soda Bottle Tank Water Gun. This really is neat and practical because you can use any plastic soda bottle for your water source. Just remember to have fun with your weapon and shoot responsibly.

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