Halloween Bandanas

Halloween Bandanas

Halloween bandanas have a vareity of uses during the Halloween season. Do you want to be a pirate or a belly dancer or an outlaw or a bank robber? On Halloween it's come as you aren't. Using Halloween bandanas, you can liven up any costume.

A pirate you said? Tricorner hat, fake beard and one of our Halloween bandanas from Halloween stores across your forehead. Get a trusty sword and you're ready to sail out on the Jolly Roger.

Did someone say belly dancer? Take a long skirt and attach ten or more Halloween bandanas to cover the skirt. Add a pretty top and you can shake your hips all night with the Halloween bandanas creating movement from your skirt.

Outlaw? Everyone knows that in the old west, men used bandanas to keep the wind, sun and dust off their faces. Take one of our Halloween bandanas from Halloween stores and tie it behind your head to cover your face. Add in western wear, and you've got a costume that would make Jesse James run in fear.

For the bank robber, you want to get a masque of some sort and then tie the Halloween bandana around your face. Arm yourself with a toy machine gun and be ready to say, "Nobody move! This is a robbery! I've come for the peanut butter cups!"

You can even use Halloween bandanas to make yourself an official, old school redneck. Pick one of our Halloween bandanas in red and wrap it around your neck. Match with work clothes and you would look every bit the old time union worker wanting fair pay and better working conditions. It might be in your best interest to mention that to your boss at the company Halloween party.

If you're going to a fancy masqued ball, you can use one of our Halloween bandanas as a masque. You'll be as unrecognizable as anyone there without the feathers and the glitter.

Not looking to dress up? Halloween bandanas have many other uses. Does your Jack-o-lantern look lonely? Spice up your Hallowwen decorations by arranging Halloween bandanas around your pumpkin. You'll be a standout on your block thanks to the Halloween bandanas.

You can also take one of our Halloween bandanas and cover a pot with it, tucking the edges inside. Add a pot that fits inside, and you're not just growing basil - you're decorating with Halloween bandanas.

The uses of Halloween bandanas are endless. We've offered up some ideas for you. Look around and you will find lots of other uses for them!

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