Disco Party

Disco Party

First, for the youngsters, we need to start with a short history lesson. Disco music is a combination of funk, soul, and Latin music. Donna Summer, also known as “The Queen of Disco”, is credited as being the first popular musicians. But you cannot forget The Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, and the Village People, to name a few bands.

Disco’s popularity is also credited to television dancing show like Soul Train. Also the movie Saturday Night Fever helped disco to gain popularity among the Afro-American and Latin people. The sound track from that movie is still one of the most bestselling albums.

Now that you have the short history, it is time to make your disco party theme groovy. What type of invitations are you going to use for your disco party theme? Consider a disc ball invite or a man or woman in a disco dance pose. Anything from the 70’s to get your guests in that mindset of a disco party theme will do.

Now it is time to set up your crib for your disco party theme. Have your guests move from room to room by going through beaded curtains. Think black lights and lava lamps to set the disco party theme mood. Your disco party theme would not be a complete without a dance floor and a disco ball.

No disco party theme would be complete without a Jell-O mold. They were all the rage back then. Set up a fondue station to keep your disco party theme menu easy.

What to wear? You cannot have a disco party theme party without your favorite Village people costume. Also think afros, anything polyester, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, or your favorite leisure suit.

To round out your groovy disco party theme and very important to your disco party theme event is the music. Set up a karaoke machine and groove. Your disco party theme party will be far out.

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