Opening A Line Of Credit


Fill out Business Credit Application


1.    If a customer calls requesting a line of credit, customer service will provide the potential customer a Business Credit Application.  We would ask customer to fill out the form and return the form via fax or email to customer service dept.

2.    After receiving an application from the customer, customer service will give the application to accounting dept. The accounting department will process the application to our credit net company to verify the customer’s credit history. Based on their credit, Accounting will notify customer service department if customer is approved or denied. If customer is approved, we will let customer service know how much of a line of credit the customer is approved for. Minimum purchase requirement to use credit is $250.00.   Credit not available for the customer first purchase.  They must establish their account by making a first purchase of at least $250.  

3.    If customer placed an order with the company with net 30 days term. It is customer service staff responsibility make sure they give the completed purchase order to the picker packer for shipping.  Please give all completed invoices to the accounting dept so we can update our Quickbooks. The accounting department will keep track of all outstanding invoices.

4.    If there are any outstanding invoices, the accounting dept will follow up with the customer to find out payment status.

5    After 120 days past due , if the customer is not willing to work payment plan with us, then company will submit information to a collection agency.