Frat Party

Frat Party

Mardi Gras Frat Party Themes

Mardi Gras is known as one of the wildest events of the years. While the main festival is in New Orleans, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate elements of it as one of your frat party themes. Mardi Gras is filled with drinking, beads and overall debauchery. Have your own wild night by using this as one of your frat party themes. For this type of frat party, you will need discount frat party accessories including: beads in colors such as gold, purple and green. If there will be ladies at the party, be sure to pass out some beads but don’t necessarily expect that you will get the same reaction that you would in New Orleans!!

Redneck Frat Party Themes

One of the frat party themes that creative is a redneck themed party. Start with some typical redneck style food and drinks, along with the right wardrobe and accessories of course. Don’t forget to top it off your redneck attire with a vibrant redneck trucker hat for the retro frat party themes. Add a pair of vibrant, neon sunglasses to finish the look. Props are absolutely necessary for the best frat party themes. We've got the perfect redneck frat party supplies for you.

Retro Frat Party Themes

Take a night and pretend to be adults and use one of the retro frat party themes. Emulate the swanky look of the Rat Pack for your party. Add some humor to your retro frat party themes with a few gag prop items. One such item to use is exploding cigarette packs. We all know that smoking was a bit part of socializing back in those days. Even if people know that they are fake and just part of them frat party themes, what they won’t know is that when they pull on a cigarette it goes bang!

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