St Patricks Day Beads

St Patricks Day Beads

When it comes down to it, a lot of people out there know all about St Patricks Necklaces. Whether they have been to New York during celebration themselves where they saw the festivities close up, or they just know about what women are willing to do to procure said beads, they know exactly where they fit into celebration. With that said, not as many people may know a whole lot about St Patricks Beads. The thing is, if you have ever been to a true St. Patrick's Day celebration, may it be a parade, a party, or just at a bar, you have probably seen the St Patricks Beads in action. 

In a sense, St Patricks party goods are like Mardi Gras beads in that they serve a big purpose on the holiday, but become fairly worthless after the holiday. While people may go crazy for beads on St. Patrick's Day, they are probably just going to be thrown into the drawer afterwards. With all of this said, St Patricks Beads are typically just given out and used as accessories at the party. While they could be thrown (alcohol and throwing things at party goers is typically a good mix), they aren't thrown in mass, so throw the four leaf clover necklaces during the celebration. 

As you could probably guess, St Patrick are typically green. Because it is the only color that matters on the holiday, you are not apt to find beads in other color that is not in the green color scheme. With that said, St Patricks Day Necklaces may be a bit more elaborate than the stuff that you find in Mardi Gras. While Mardi Gras beads are typically small and round, Shamrock Beads may come in the form of shamrocks. The St Patricks Necklaces may also be fatter and more stylish in nature, meaning that they can represent a fashion option on the holiday, not just a status symbol of who is the "funnest" person at the party with four leaf clover necklaces.

While it may be the holiday season right now, it is never too early to start thinking about getting St Patricks Necklaces for the next holiday. Sure, you may be thinking of sugarplums and such right now, but in a few months you are going to be thinking of green beer and trying to figure out how to call in sick from work the next day. Having Shamrock Beads at your party does add a bit of fun. Even if you aren't throwing out Four Leaf Clover Necklaces or having contests to see who wins them, you can at least offer them to those who come to be festive. You can get Shamrock Beads for a low price when it comes to buying them in bulk, meaning that you can get a good amount of St Patricks Day Beads without blowing your entire budget.


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