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1980's Retro Costumes

1980s costumes mostly consist of rocker looks. Madonna was known for her wild hair, corset dresses, and outrageous style. There are a lot of 1980s costumes which pay homage to the Material Girls many style trends during this decade.

If you are male, then the 1980s costumes you have to choose from probably consist of punk rockers with crimped hair and zebra-striped leggings, or the Miami Vice, Don Johnson bright blazer look. 1980's costumes for men may have all different looks but the one thing that remains the same for these 1980s costumes, is the big hair. Whether you are going for a Rod Stewart look or, Bon Jovi, the one key piece for 1980s costumes would definitely be big hair.

If you are a fan of 1980s costumes in the horror genre, then you can go for Freddy Michael, or Jason costume 1980s costumes. These costumes are much easier to pull off so long as you have the right mask to go with it.

Michael Jackson 1980's costumes are also extremely popular today, especially after his death a few years back, more and more people want to dress up like him.

M.C. Hammer 1980s costumes are popular for young males. Once you put on a pair of jeannie pants and some shades, people will definitely know who you are in your costume.

1980s costumes don't just have to be for Halloween anymore, they are also great for 80's themed parties. You could even have a get-together with friends, and request that everyone dress in 1980s costumes. You could even give away prizes for the best 1980s costumes.

It's true that the 80's will go down in history as the worst-dressed decade, but 1980s costumes will be around forever to remind us what not to do in the future. At least there will never be a shortage of 1980s costumes in the future. So, the next time you have a party to go to you will definitely know what costumes to pick.

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