Historically, hats have been around forever in some form.  Throughout history hats usually served a purpose, like protection from the heat, or to signify status in society.  Nowadays people wear hats because it is a fun form of self expression.  People care less about wearing hats to signify their rank among society and more about finding a hat that expresses their personality.  Fun hats have become increasingly popular in recent decades.  Hat manufacturers come up with more and more unique and fun hats each year because the more novel a hat is, the more it generates a fad which increases sales.

Schools promote fun hats every year by having fun hats day.  Usually, children and teens aren't allowed to wear any type of hat to school, so when it's time for fun hats day, they all try to participate by having the funniest, or most unique hat they can find.  Some schools even hold a competition and award the winner a prize or recognition for having the funniest crazy hat.  This encourages students to ravage novelty stores to find fun hats to wear that will be the prize winner on hat day.

One of the most fun hats that party-goers love to wear is the beer drinking hat.  It's basically a hard hat that has been modified to include two can holders on each side, intended to hold beer.  The hat permits the wearer to drink beer using a hands-free method by using long straws, in the form of tubing, that channel the beer from the cans on the head to the wearers mouth.  This novelty hat is definitely the best of fun hats. These fun hats and Halloween costume accessories are best to wear out for a night of partying with friends because of all the attention it draws to the wearer.  These one-of-a-kind fun hats let the wearer enjoy their beer of choice while allowing them to have their hands free to do any number of things, such as ping pong, poker, or horseshoes.  

Fun hats can be found just about anywhere, but novelty shops usually have the most fun hats and Halloween costume accessories of them all because nearly all the hats sold in a novelty shop or online novelty shop are, precisely that--fun hats.  Fun hats come in all shapes colors and styles.  It is really a matter of opinion as to what distinguishes a fun hats from the rest.  If a hat is fun to wear according to the person who purchased it then it's a fun hat for sure. Everyone should own as many fun hats as they can to impress friends with their originality.We provided a link to Cheap Gangster Hats as well. 

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