Halloween Face Masks

Halloween Face Masks

Halloween Face Masks | Facemasks for Halloween | Halloween Half Face Masks


Its that time again for Spookiness. For 2020, life will never be the same, so we just have to find out fresh ideas such as Halloween face masks. 2020 has been quite a year, in fact since we have already surpassed the Bubonic Plague in deaths as of this time of writing in early September, I would like to share another point with you. In the year 586 AD, there was a pandemic. This pandemic wiped out half of the people on earth. For now, we are second in line for having the second worst year in Human Existence. Never before had people thought of wearing facemasks for halloween . Even in 2002, when SARS hit, hardly anyone wore  halloween half face masks. to my knowledge, there is nothing ever came close in any year to what impending doom has shown this year. Worst of all, the politicians only care about getting elected and none of them actually wear halloween face masks ! We have had a toilet paper shortage, a paper towel shortage and even a glove shortage this year. 

But I am sure, something has pandemic written all over them. For example. wearing face masks for halloween, a year before  the people would think of you as crazier than that best dress up. Hopefully, this year people will win awards and contests for the best halloween half face mask in a category that the public would choose, but not me. I think this should just be made fun for all and have a easygoing fun day with kids at their houses not able to go trick or treating. Bring on the home parties, I say with these face shields!

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