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Petticoats and Tutus

As early as 1585 cheap petticoats were worn by the women of fashionable society. In an effort to make themselves look thinner they would choose to wear cheap petticoats puffed out at their hips and waist making their waist appear smaller and their bust line appear larger.

By the mid-sixteenth century elaborately decorated cheap petticoats were being worn underneath open front gowns with looped over skirts. The desire was to show off the fancy cheap petticoats. In the eighteenth century the cheap petticoats and Halloween costume accessories were of wool or silk and frequently quilted to keep the wearer warm during the long harsh winters. Paired with matching short gowns or jackets, similar to the men's fashion of the time, these cheap petticoats were ankle length and considered a rural fashion late into the nineteenth century.

By the late eighteenth century cheap petticoats were paired with elegant silk dresses in much of Europe and America. Frequently these cheap petticoats were supported by whalebone frames which could easily become very uncomfortable. It wasn't unusual for a fainting couch to be placed on stairwell landings for the ladies to rest upon when climbing or descending the stairs. All that whalebone and all those supports were squeezing them into their cheap petticoats and Halloween costume accessories so tightly that they could hardly breathe and they would tire easily needing to rest and breathe as deeply as possible.

Today's modern cheap petticoats are much more comfortable than the cheap petticoats of yesteryear. Women can choose from a wide variety of colors such as pink, white and black. They are shorter and provide a comfortable elastic waist that will stretch easily around the woman's body without having to be bound and cinched up causing that uncomfortable feeling when ascending or descending stairs.

Cheap petticoats are more readily available to women of today as well. Our modern shopping options are much more varied than those of yesteryear. The original cheap petticoats were made from whatever the women had on had to create them with. Whale bone, was placed into them to make them firm and rigid where they should form to the woman's body.

Today a woman can simply go shopping online and find a wide variety of cheap petticoats that will not only fit her budget, but also will fit her body with minimal stress. Today cheap petticoats are made from multiple layers of tulle or a variety of laces and they come in a wide variety of lengths. Ballerina's often wear cheap petticoats when they are performing. So go ahead and take a step back into yesteryear and purchase your own petticoat today.

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