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Beanie Hats

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Crochet and knit hats take artists forever to finish by hand. Wearers who like to sport these expensive hats have looked for alternatives through cheap beanie hats. Cheap beanie hats and have come from all corners of China being manufactured quickly and offering companies a bulk price giving the customer the style they like most. This is why we offer wholesales beanies in bulk to save you money.

Cheap beanies began to show up on the market back during the Flower Child-era where people only wore beanie hats - of course while throwing peace signs. These colorful hats were done in all sorts of bright colors and designs. Bob Marley made colorful cheap beanie hats world renowned with his long dreadlocks spilling out from underneath. 

Still today the crocheted and knitted looks have become very popular among the teeny boppers. But getting hand-crocheted hats and cool hats takes spending lots of money or learning the craft of crochet or knit. Cheap beanie hats came onto the market to keep up with the still growing demand of crochet beanie hats. Machines have developed over the years that can simulate the hand-crafted look of the beanie. The quality of cheap beanie hats have improved considerably that even those who crochet professionally and knit have a hard time telling the difference between hand-crafted hats from the cheap beanie hats. These machines allow us to offer wholesale beanies at incredible prices.

Women are not the only ones who have taken to these cheap beanie hats. Some religions have even taken this style and made it part of their sacred dress. For instance, they wear these cheap beanies called Kufi hats during their prayer times. But even the religious want to be fashionable and to keep up with the demand, making cheap beanie hats is essential.

These beanies come in a variety of different colors, lengths and hold many functions. Cheap beanie hats are used to tame wild hair when having a bad hair day, to keep dreadlocks under wraps or to liven up a cool flowing summer dress.

Wholesale beanie hats are made of yarn such as cotton, wool and acrylic. Cheap beanies are made in China and India and sold in bulk to fashion barns all over the world to keep up with the high demand of teenagers and temples.

It doesn’t look like the flower child-style is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s easy to become part of beanie hats rise -just throw a few cheap beanie hats into a wardrobe and become part of the revolution. Looking to buy in bulk? Check out our wholesale beanie hats pricing.


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