Costume Beards and Mustaches

Costume Beards and Mustaches

Cheap Fake Beards

Fake beards and mustaches have long been used to portray pirates, religious figures, historical celebrities and circus sideshow attractions. In addition to looking like famous bearded people throughout history, nothing says "Macho Man" like an abundance of food catching hair on your face. Many of our cheap fake beards and mustaches can provide the masculine "I live in the woods" look you've been after. Looking to buy cheap fake beards in bulk? If so we offer wholesale pricing as well.

Costume beards, mustaches and Halloween costume accessories are also very useful to some types of pets. Do you have a pet bird? Do you want one? Our thick and luxurious costume beards and mustaches will make an ideal nesting place for small birds of many species. Show off your animal rights spirit by letting our feathered friends live on your face! For larger birds we recommend purchasing one of our Uncle Sam costume beards and mustaches. With it's extended length and size it can be used to nest eagles. Nothing says American like Uncle Sam with an eagle in his beard! 

You may not be able to afford to take care of a new pet, and we understand this. In today's economy, everyone is looking for ways to make extra money. Women have a huge advantage over men in this area. They can simply put one of our brown 9 inch costume beards and mustaches on their face and refuse to be seen unless they are paid 2 dollars. Turning your home into a circus sideshow can bring you the fame and fortune you've always wanted. All things are made possible by the wide variety of cheap fake beards and mustaches we have in stock.

Pirates were famous for their long luxurious beards. One of the most well known pirates was named after his intimidating facial hair. This makes many people wonder if Blackbeard's parents were hippies or just really short on ideas. Whether you like or love his name, dressing up like Blackbeard can be great fun with our beefy 9 inch black costume beards or costume beards and mustaches combos. Imagine a day out fishing at your favorite lake. Looking like Blackbeard the piratewill demand the respect of other fishermen. You might even get the whole lake to yourself! Nothing says "crazy" like strapping one of our fake beards and mustaches to your face, dressing as a pirate and riding around in a fishing boat while yelling ARRRRRRG! If fishing isn't your thing, we have many other costume beards and mustaches to choose from. Don't forget that we sell cheap wholesale fake beards as well!

Perhaps you're a history buff. If you prefer a look that offers historical significance, then try one of our Lincoln costume beards and mustaches. Everyone will be impressed when you dress up like honest Abe and tell them the truth about everything! Parents will be proud when you tell them you were the one who scratched the car, broke their favorite nick knack and flushed your little brother's goldfish down the toilet. Don't worry about consequences! Our Lincoln costume beards and mustaches will also make all of your confessions be met with presidential applause.

WARNING: Do not wear any of our Lincoln costume beards and mustaches to movies, plays or theatres of any kind. May attract zombies, vampires and werewolves. Use Lincoln costume beards and mustaches with extreme caution.

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