Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound Sunglasses

Cheap Wraparound Sunglasses

Looking for a fresh set of shades? Get your Yoko Ono on with a sweet pair of cheap wraparound sunglasses. Private Island has a handful of different designs and colors at reasonable prices. They have the styles of wraparound sunglasses that you need in order to let your freak flag fly!

Private Island, of course, boasts a number of your typical cheap wraparound sunglasses. If you’re looking for shades to sport while on the beach or at the ballgame, the Revo styles are your fit. Their UV protected lenses do an excellent job of blocking out the sun’s harmful rays, while doubling as a colorful mirror for whoever you are looking at. The Revo look may be pretty standard, but Private Island still has a wide variety. The black low profile Revos will give you the “Men in Black” look, while the rainbow low profile wraparound sunglasses would look great for a day on the links.

Are your eyes currently operating only in standard definition? That must be a real drag. Private Island has a fix for that. See in flawless 1080p with the HD vision wraparound sunglasses. They allow you to see clearly with great color at a fraction of the price of a 40 inch flat screen. Now if only they could make your old tube TV look bearable.

From there the options get funky. Private Island has 3D wraparound sunglasses that will make your two dimensional world come to life. By owning your own pair of 3D wraparound sunglasses you can wear them at home or in the theatre without the fear of catching conjunctivitis! These 3D wraparound sunglasses will leave you breathless as 3D pictures come to life!

If science fiction is more your style, Private Island sells a style of cheap wraparound sunglasses that will have you speaking Klingon in no time. The futuristic trekkie shades will show your Star Trek love, while providing all the protection you will get from a “typical” pair of cool sunglasses. These wraparound sunglasses boast a single lens and come in a variety of colors. We also offer wholesale wraparound sunglasses to those looking to buy in bulk. Our cheap wraparound sunglasses in bulk are the way to go for retail store owners.

The most bazaar wraparound sunglasses Private Island has in their inventory will help get your party started. These will probably be the only pair of wraparound sunglasses you own that run on batteries. The rave LED brown lenses wayfarers are a great choice for the club, concert or sporting event and come in red, blue or multicolor. 

Thanks to Private Island you can buy most of these wraparound sunglasses and cool sunglasses by themselves or in a set of 12. Buying a dozen can make for great holiday or wedding party gifts. The only question left is which pair of wraparound sunglasses to get!

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