Patriotic Costumes

Patriotic Costumes

The American Bald Eagle is the mascot of America so wearing patriotic costumes of this beautiful bird is a great way to celebrate how proud you are to be an American. Bald Eagle patriotic costumes can include an entire bird suit, or just a simple piece to wear as headgear.

The military has fought for America's freedom so show off your love for the country by wearing military themed patriotic costumes. From the U.S. Marines to a standard Army green camo, there are many patriotic costumes that offer detailed designs which represent the military. Civil war uniforms are also favorites in the costume world.

Dressing up as the Founding Father of America, George Washington, will make a great costume to wear to the 4th of July bash! George Washington was so well loved in the past and now in the future, you can show your support.

Another famous president of the United States was Abe Lincoln. Lincoln was so well loved by citizens because of all he did to free the country's slaves. His appeal was so striking to many because he had such a distinct look. This incredibly tall president always wore a tall, top hat. Not only did this increase his height, but the top hat became his one distinct piece that everyone knows. An Abe Lincoln costume is a costume that many people love wearing.

Patriotic costumes are easy to find and offer an easy way to show support for your county. Incorporating the flag's colors of red, white, and blue onto your everyday clothes can also be an easy option. While there are so many different costumes out there, choosing one that is meaningful to you and your country is truly wonderful.

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  • Betsy Ross Child Costume

    Betsy Ross Child Costume

    Become one of America's earliest female icons this Halloween in our Betsy Ross costume for kids. This patriotic costume includes a Betsy Ross cap, red and white colonial influenced dress, and blue apron with white stars to give you a patriotic look...
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