Winter animal hats

Since humanity first strode across the frozen tundra, winter animal hats have been protecting the human head from icy winds and freezing temperatures. In the beginning, winter animal hats were naturally made of real animals, such as bear, fox, wolf, bison and other furred mammals. In many cases, only the animal skins, rather than the entire head, was used to make the winter animal hats. However, in other cases, the animal head or other animal parts would form part of the hat. Popular winter animal hats and cool hats worn by frontiersmen, and later by young boys in the 1950’s was made from a raccoon pelt. The bushy raccoon tail was left intact to stylishly trail down the back.

Winter animal hats sometimes matched other animal clothing items, such as the fox fur stole. These stoles were once popular for women who enjoyed wearing an entire animal around their necks to keep the chill off.

Hats that looked a bit like winter animal hats have also been used as headdresses in ceremonies throughout the world. A person who wanted to invoke the power of a certain animal – a wolf, for example – would wear a wolf hat and skin. Usually, only powerful animals, such as lions, bears and certain sacred birds were used this way. Rarely, if ever, has a mouse head or a flamingo head been worn this way. For winter animal hats, however, things are a bit different. The purpose of winter animal hats and cool hats is only to keep the human head nice and warm and to look great. A lot of heat escapes the body via the head, and warm head gear is very important during the cold winter months. Winter animal hats keep the warmth where it needs to be – in the brain. Modern winter animal hats can be cute, whimsical and just plain fun, rather than scary and vicious looking like old fashioned winter animal hats.

You, too, can connect with your ancestors and the charm and power of animals with your own winter animal hats made of modern, fur-free materials. Invoke the power of the panda by wearing a plushy panda head. These winter animal hats are available in two different versions, with paws or without paws. Or, you may choose to bring out your inner monkey by wearing a monkey hat. Keep warm in polar conditions with your own polar bear winter animal hats. Add charm to any winter outfit with penguin winter animal hats. Alternatively, if birds are more your thing, try out the yellow bird hat.

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