New Years

New Years

New Years party themes go way back. Historians tell us the Egyptians considered the severe, annual flooding of the Nile a sign of the new year. Presumably Egyptians who survived this ordeal celebrated the fact they'd escaped drowning. Dry clothing/higher ground were perhaps their favorite New Years party themes. Imagine: burning incense and dancing beneath the stars, newly woven waterproof baskets, complimentary tubes of Nile Crocodile Bite Ointment, and promo papyrus towels emblazoned with phrases like, “Dude, Cry Me A River—New Years B.C.”.

Much later, circa 46 B.C., Julius Ceasar improved upon New Years party themes. He ordered a new calender named after him. He declared the first day of the first month the New Year. Talk about New Years party themes! Thank Julius Ceasar for January, which comes from Janus. No, it's not Roman for jolly anus, which the Roman emperors were also experts on. It comes from the Roman god of beginnings, who was said to have two heads, one that looked forward, one that peered backward. Owing to Janus' two faces, New Years party themes entailing masquerades and headdresses have been popular ever since, as have New Years party themes centered around drinking twice as much as you can and singing songs in a second language.

New Years party themes are flexible, adaptable to any situation. It all comes down to atmosphere, setting, masks and props. Here are a few choice New Years party themes:

Try some Latin New Years party themes with inexpensive pink maracas for all party guests. Or burlesque New Years party themes: red feather boas and rainbow feather boas, glitter tops hats, pop star half glitter gloves, etc. Futuristic New Years party themes come alive with accessories like multi-color rave LED wraparound glasses and rainbow starlight fiber optic hair extensions.

Go Green with environment-conscious New Years party themes: don a green felt top hat with buckle or free rave LED aviator style sunglasses. Irish Pride New Years party themes present wonderful costume opportunities also, like an Irish plastic derby hat, or a green glitter mini top hat with veil. Or kick it Mardi Gras style with a Mardi Gras feather boa, or a glow Mardi Gras necklace.

Caution: New Years party themes should be well thought out. Devote at least a month to doing so. Make a New Years resolution to come up with better New Years party themes for the coming year.
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