70's Party

70's Party

Only a few things were required for a 70s party, besides beer. One was music and dancing. At a 70s party, you could dance the hustle to "The Hustle" and boogie down with the Bee Gees, and no 70s party was complete without doing the Funky Chicken. For slow dancing, there were the Carpenters, Barry Manilow and Barry White. The dancing at a 70s party was mainly freestyle, which confused many parents because it looked like the dancers had stuck a finger in the light socket. The music at a 70s party didn't have to be good, it just had to be loud and nonstop.

Another necessity for a 70s party was great lighting. The room had to be dark, with colored flashing lights. If you couldn't afford real lighting for your party, you could put different colored bulbs in two flashlights, and pay your two little brothers to turn them on and off all night.

And you definitely needed cool threads at your 70s party, man. Bell bottoms of any color, puffy shirts, Saturday-night-fever type suits and platform shoes were all neat-o attire for guys. For girls miniskirts and wedgies were far out. Wigs were big, and even girls with the most beautiful hair were happy to pop a page boy on top of it. Both guys and gals covered themselves with gold jewelry until the whole place jangled.

You can go to that 70s party in style, too, with happening wigs and jewelry, like our 70s disco Chain Earrings and 70s Disco Fever Costume Necklace. The earrings are comfortable clipons, and the necklace is perfect for a 70s party. And you'll be stylin' to the max in our 70s Neon Orange Bob Wig--it's comfortable, easy to wash, and feels like real hair. You'll like our 70s Neon Pink Bob Costume Disco Wig, too--it's tons of fun for a 70s party!

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