Cute leg warmers

Pink, purple, white, black, striped, furry, and let us not forget hot pink and furry! All are cute leg warmers that can be found dancing around the room, or even strutting their stuff on the concrete run-way of just about every major city. Where did this fashion statement originate? I can remember seeing those cute leg warmers in music videos on MTV way back in the eighties. We teen girls were just crazy for a pair of cute leg warmers. We would wear them over our jeans, scrunched down below the knee. Heck we even styled the cute leg warmers with mini skirts and leggings, sometimes adding a 'splash' of color to our outfits with the cute leg warmers in neon colors. 

But we teens were not the first to wear them. That honor has to be given to professional dancers who wore them over the calf muscles to retain warmth there with hopes to reduce cramping. Cute leg warmers were worn by ballet dancers and other classical dancers. Then the aerobic craze of the eighties hit and it wasn't long before legs were adorned with the brightly colored cute leg warmers lifting, kicking, and spinning their way around the floor in an aerobic workout. From there it was only a matter of time before the area between the ankle and knee were kept very warm indeed as different styles and colors of cute leg warmers became a fashion statement.

Now the cute warm leg warmers are once again back in style. While perusing Private Island's website several different styles of cute leg warmers caught my eye. One example happens to be the 'Brown Knit Leg Warmers 1267' with button trim for only $7.99. This pair of cute leg warmers would be stylish with a nice pair of tights and a sweater dress which are also back in style. Or maybe you are looking for more of an uptown night out on the town look? Never fear, there are cute leg warmers for that too. Take a look at the 'Black Furry Leg Warmers 6750', this pair of cute leg warmers could be paired with a lovely pair of fishnet stockings and a very sexy short black cocktail dress. At only $14.99 this pair of cute and elegant leg warmers are a steal! 
Whether you are looking for cute leg warmers that will pair elegantly with your pants suit or a pair of cute leg warmers with colors that 'POP' giving a splash of colorful fun to your outfit or even some cute leg warmers for warmth while moving from one social event to the next this holiday season, you're sure to find what you are looking for at 'Private Island'.

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