Cheap Party Berets

Cheap berets are a great accessory for many different types of costumes and outfits. The beret has long been associated with free spirited class, and wearing a beret has been known to cause outbreaks of spontaneous French accents and silly, pretentious poses among wearers. Those who wish to be the life of the party should buy berets and cool hats as they can be worn in a variety of circumstances and to a variety of parties.

Anyone attending a French themed party should be sure to finish off the outfit with a cheap party beret. Since cheap berets and cool hats have long been associated with the French, wearing a beret to a French-themed party will help get all the partiers in the right mood. Wearers of French cheap berets will find French accents easier to speak and French mannerisms easier to pull off with panache. As for the other traits for which the French are known, while berets may not be the deciding factor in such things, they certainly will not hurt. Here at Private Island we also offer wholesale party berets so you can dress up just like your friends without breaking the bank!

Cheap berets are also helpful for completing French painter costumes. Famous painter Claude Monet painted a self portrait in which he wears a beret, and cheap party berets have become associated with artists over time. Whether a partygoer is dressed up as a specific artist or a general caricature of one, cheap costume berets are a must to complete the look. 

Soldiers also wear berets; the Green Beret unit is one of the most famous instances of American military beret wearing. Cheap berets have been worn by various military units dating back centuries, so anyone putting together a military costume may need to purchase a cheap party beret in order to authentically complete the uniform. Black berets are associated with many Army units, and maroon berets are associated with various airborne units. No military man wants to be caught in any state of undress, so anyone dressing up as a soldier should find out if berets were standard military dress for the particular unit and rank. 

Partygoers may also want to wear cheap costume berets simply because they are stylish as well as cool looking. Not every party is a costume party, and some might enjoy the chic appeal of cheap berets as an accessory that will add style and panache to any party outfit. Those who want a touch of class to go with their costume should be sure to purchase a sharp looking beret to add a nice bit of flair to their outfits. Don't forget that we also carry wholesale party berets for those looking to dress up in a group!

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