Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves

Cold Weather Gloves

The history of the glove goes all the way back to ancient Greece where there are stories of Leotychides being hit with a glove filled with sillver. There are also references to gloves being used in several ancient Roman writings.

During the Middle Ages gloves were referred to as gauntlets and consisted of leather or metal armor. They were used mostly by soldiers. With the development of guns, hand-to-hand fighting became uncommon and the need for wearing the gauntlet soon ended.

It wasn't until the 13th century that gloves became a part of a woman's attire. Wearing gloves was considered fashionable. These gloves were made from silk or linen and went all the way up to a woman's elbow. 

In the 16th century gloves came into their own. England's Queen Elizabeth I popularized gloves by wearing ones that had jewels and were elaborately embroidered. During this time in France gloves that had been scented with oils such as ambergis and musk were popular. Knitted gloves made from wool and knit silk were also popular among the upper classes.

During the 17th century the gloves considered most fashionable were made from soft chicken skin. During the Victorian times women who wanted to make their hands smaller and would regularly wear undersized gloves. Small hands were considered a sign of beauty.

Since that time gloves have developed beyond fashion statements. Today gloves are designed to be functional and made from everything from rubber to laytex and leather or wool. One of the most common uses for gloves is to protect hands during cold weather. Cold weather gloves are a standard for winter attire.

Cold weather gloves come in a wide variety styles. There are leather cold weather gloves, fleece cold weather gloves, knit cold weather gloves and more. There are also cold weather gloves made from leather, acrylic, spandex and nylon.

There are finger gloves as well as mitten cold weather gloves. Since the use of electronic devices is important today, there are even cold weather gloves specifically designed for texting. Fingerless knit cold weather gloves are also popular. 

The main purpose for cold weather gloves is to protect hands from cold. Anyone choosing cold weather gloves need know how they'll be used. A person going skiing will need different cold weather gloves than someone using them to drive to work. Cold weather gloves can also be made from bright colors such as neon. Mardi Gras Knit mitten are also popular cold weather gloves. 

There is such a wide range of cold weather gloves made from different types of materials and styles. Today there are gloves to meet any practical or fashion need.
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