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Roman Costumes

You can make a fancier version of a toga using different colored sheets or fabric. Simply layer the sheets and add safety pins so that your toga stays in place. You can also just toss another color fabric over the shoulder of your toga and secure it with a belt.

Toga style Roman costumes cry out for a headpiece of connected leaves, Olympics style. Other ideas for Roman costumes involve variations on a tunic. A tunic is basically a big shirt that goes down to your knees. Choose one in a dark color. Wrap a gold rope around the waist as a belt. Sandals are a requirement for Roman costumes. Try to find some that have as many straps as possible. Roman costumes for women can include a flowing dress rather than a tunic. Of course a man could wear a flowing dress, too, but the masculine Roman vibe might be compromised.

For more elaborate Roman costumes for men, start with the basic toga or tunic. Then add a cape that drapes over the shoulders and hangs down the back. Ideally it should be the same length as the tunic. Add a wide, plastic black belt with a place to stick a little knife. Black armbands are good for Roman costumes, too. Finish with a gold Roman soldier's helmet if you can find one. Do not forget the strappy sandals.

Ladies' Roman costumes can be detailed as well. Start with a flowing white dress or a toga. Roman costumes are often accessorized with gold. Place a gold headband on your forehead, and drape gold fabric across your shoulders. To increase the sex appeal in Roman costumes, tie a gold rope around your chest. This will showcase your boobs, especially if the fabric covering them is a little bit sparse. Roman costumes are easy to make and fun to wear. With the right accessories, Roman costumes will have you partying like a Roman in no time.

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