Arab Scarves

Arab Scarves

Arab scarves

Arab scarves and cool scarves have a history behind them that no other scarf has. After wrapping your head around the fact that these over appealing scarves are worn more by men in Arabia, lets take a look at some fashionable facts about arab scarves and maybe possibly see how many women secretly wear them as well.

Arab scarves are usually worn by men and most men usually use the scarf to cover their necks and faces. Not only is it apart of Arab culture as a whole, it has become so fashionable that the Military some how found a way to include it into their uniform.Contrary to popular belief, the arab scarves aren't worn for fashion, they are worn for protection.

Fortunately for others, arab scarves and cool scarves are something that makes for great fashion accessories. The verdict; less of a face scarf and more of a neck scarf. But no matter how people choose to wear the arab scarves, they are still highly addictive and can be accessorized with just about anything you wear.

Most arab scarves are hand woven which means that you are going to experience well made material all the way around. Nothing about arab scarves are heavy and most are around "40X45".

The great thing about arab scarves is that if you do choose to wear them around your face, you don't have to worry about clips or finding someone else to help you tie it. The process is simple, so simple it has made tie tying look like rocket science. 

Maybe someday arab scarves will make it's way up to the face in the fashion world but for now, it might be best to keep that tradition alive in Arabia.

What colors can you get arab scarves in?

The arab scarves worn by Arab men are normally red and white and or black and white. You might find checkered arab scarves in the line up but for the most part, the colors are pretty simple. 

In the fashion world, you can find arab scarves in practically any color. If you can dream it then you can find it. The question is, "Are they suitable for non-arab men?" OF COURSE THEY ARE!

Not only are they suitable for men of all social statuses, they are really affordable. Buying these scarves is like buying a donut and a cup of coffee. They are so affordable that you can create an entire collection around arab scarves if you wanted to.

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