Christmas Tights and Stockings

Christmas Tights and Stockings

Christmas tights are what Christmas is all about. They bring the decadence and good cheer of the holiday season to your wardrobe, and prove to the world that Christmas is what you are all about. You would have to be the Grinch to scoff at Christmas tights. 

Grand exaggerations aside, Christmas tights are pretty fantastic. Yes, “fantastic” could either mean “obscene and hideous” or “brilliantly fashionable” in this context. For example, Christmas tights can make the wearer look like an over-sized elf or a festive runway model, depending on what kind of Christmas tights are chosen. The possible outcome of wearing Christmas tights is also dependent on whether you want to look like an over-sized elf, though keep in mind that you may be harshly judged. For the elf look, you can try Christmas tights that are red for one leg, and green for the other. Pair that with some pointed shoes and you’ve got yourself an elf outfit.

If you’re going for the “not looking like an elf” option here, there are plenty of great ideas for wearing Christmas tights in a less embarrassing way. Any tights with the colors red and/or green in them will fool anyone into thinking they are authentic Christmas tights. However, there are also many tights designed specifically to look like Christmas tights. Tights of any color which contain any of the following designs on them: snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer, Santa Claus, trees that in any way resemble Christmas trees, elves, ham, and sleighs, can count as Christmas tights. Though it is highly doubtful that there are tights out there that have ham designs on them, if you are gifted at knitting, your options are limitless, and could in fact include ham designs. Even tights that contain the colors silver and blue can be considered Christmas tights, because for whatever reason, blue and silver are colors that have the high honor of having been deemed Christmas Colors. If all else fails, obtain a pair of red and white striped tights, and watch as you are transformed into a human candy cane. 

The possibilities of Christmas tights are endless, though you have but a small window of opportunity to wear Christmas tights, a mere month or so. It is advisable to make the most out of this short time span, and to experiment with the varieties of Christmas tights previously mentioned. Merry Christmas.

For a complete outfit, pair your tights with Christmas Leg Warmers and Christmas Hat!

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