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Just in case one does not know exactly how the cheap bow tie and funny ties came about, let us explain."Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?" Our question is, "Which came first the (cheap) Bow Tie or the cheap Straight Tie?" By the way, buy your cheap bow ties here, and save a bundle. 

Ok, cheap bow ties first surfaced in the 1600's through colorful scarves worn around the necks of Croatian mercenaries, fighting the Prussian war, (someone should have told them about our cheap bow ties). This would set apart the distinguished officers from the rest. The French who fought alongside the Croatians sat up and took notice of these scarves aka cheap bow ties. Guess what? They liked this idea so much that they did it too, and took cheap bow ties back to France. But, another guess what? They said, "It was their idea." 

These scarves soon became known as cravats in the upper crust of French society. And, they did not use cheap bow ties and funny ties until later on. It seems as though this would have incited another war by the Croats, but it did not. 

This is history's only explanation of where and when the bow tie may have come into existence. Just as with the chicken and the egg, no one knows for certain which came first, the bow tie or the straight tie. History does say that tying a cheap bow tie became too complicated, thus the straight tie was born. Buy cheap bow ties here, already made and save the frustration.

Apparently cheap bow ties are very trendy, because our company gets enough orders for cheap bow ties. Our orders are not only for festive, formal events and weddings, but cheap bow ties are used for fun costume parties. For a wide selection of cheap bow ties buy them here and save.

Our company is one of the best sources for cheap bow ties and thousands of accessories. If someone wants a funny costume party, put your party order in here. Dollars to donuts our inventory will have what you need, including cheap bow ties. We are happy to fill one item orders or a thousand different items. Take a look at our list of party themes, and then put your cheap bow tie or other order in today.

We have loads of clown-like cheap bow ties, but never fear one does not have to settle for a clown-like cheap bow tie on their wedding day. Take a gander at all of our beautiful cheap bow ties that will look great on the groom, and make that new bride of yours proud to be marrying such a handsome, money saving dude. And, guess what? This elegant cheap bow tie was the trick that hypnotized your bride into saying yes.

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