Santa Claus Costume

Santa Claus Costume

Chilly Billy wore a Santa Claus Costume one fine summer day. No one noticed Billy's Santa Claus Costume which he thought was quite odd. The costume was bright red and not brown or black or white. Red is a color that draws attention. It would be silly to see a purple polka-dot Santa Claus Costume so he Billy did not have one.

Billy thought every elf should wear a Santa Claus Costume just like Santa himself. He was very disappointed not even the children noticed his Santa Claus Costume. Billy kept walking to the town square where he saw everyone had on a Santa Claus Costume. Oh my he thought I am not the only one. Even the local milk man had one on! It was very strange to see everyone dressed in a Santa Claus Costume in the summer especially. He even saw a dog and a cat each wearing a Santa Claus Costume in an appropriate size. Chilly Billy started walking around the square with a quickening pace. Everyone he could see had on red Santa Claus Costume. Billy felt like no one would ever notice his costume today and became quite sad. The only reason he wore the silly thing was to be noticed. Maybe he should have worn a red clown nose to go with his Santa Claus Costume. He had never seen that before. 

Out of no where Billy heard a ringing sound. Oh no, someone thought of something better than a clown nose to wear with their costume. Billy walked around trying to find out where the ringing was coming from. He carefully looked at each person. He could not find the source. He then started looking at the buildings but still could not find the ringing. He started running around furiously to find the ringing sound. 

Billy was still running around in his dream when it became clear the ringing was his alarm clock. It was time for him to head to work. As Billy walked out the door and down the street towards work everyone noticed him in his bright red Santa Claus Costume. The children all gathered around Billy in his Santa Claus Costume. He greeted each and every cheerful face with enthusiasm. The adults soon started to notice the Santa Claus Costume too. Billy arrived at the store where he worked with time to spare.

He had a big smile on his face and laughed heartily. The other Santa helpers really liked Billy's new costume and many remarked how beautiful it was. Billy enjoyed talking with the others about Santa helper things. He even talked to the reindeer even though they did not answer back. Billy was very happy indeed. Everyone noticed his Santa Claus Costume today. This made Billy more than very happy. He then thought about getting more costumes. He has seen white costumes, green costumes, some trimmed with gold, some with belts, some without belts. Billy thought maybe a purple Santa Claus Costume wasn't so bad after all.

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