Returns Policy


To our friends and valued customers, Has Been Purchased from Accelerator Marketing Group/ by PIP PROMO/ in Bradenton FL. Please Note that "PIP PROMO in Bradenton FL" will show up on your Bank Bill if you purchased from us from May 17, 2022.

Before May 17, 2022 Accelerator Marketing Group/ will show on your bank statement if purchased from us. 


Shipping Times and Processing Times  : 

The amount of time shipping takes after processing is determined by shipping method - 4-5 "Business Days" Standard Delivery

For Example - Free Shipping over orders of $100 - Takes 4-5 Business Days - depending on where your address is in relation to us, please contact us, phone below to see where your order will be shipping from.

Priority Mail takes 4 -5 Business Days - and UPS Ground takes 4-5 Business Days  Any questions, please contact us via express chat below "Let's Talk" or you can call 1-877-272-0215 anytime between 9AM EST to 5PM EST.


TOS 13.4.1 : Update February 3, 2022 : there are no returns accepted until further notice for any reason throughout the universe and in perpetuity due to many reasons. By reading this, you understand and agree to our terms of service and our return policy. If you decide to return anyway, we will refuse the package back to you. If you make any trouble with your bank, we will prosecute you to fullest extent of the law for fraud. 


To our friends and valued customers, Has Been Purchased by Accelerator Marketing Group Please Note that "Accelerator Marketing Group or" will show up on your Bank Bill if you purchased from us.

Regards, Accelerator Marketing Group



Internet images and descriptions may not always accurately reflect the color, style, packaging or size or description of a particular product.Color can never be a perfect match, due to resolution of screens, colors match with different lighting - incandescent (room light) (may appear darker) and daylight (may appear lighter). 

As per Customized Orders, hypersensitive complaints are not honored as per our terms of service and customized order policy. No Returns or Refunds for any reason, only replacements if you can prove by email -kindly- there is an error by taking a picture and sending it to 



Customers, please fill out a Returns Authorization Form and send it with your email to for the return to be AUTHORIZED. If we do not recieve a RMA for the return to be authorized, and customer ships back, we will refuse the order and ship back to customer until they follow instructions. 

No returns, exchanges or customer service will be accepted past 30 days from order delivered. Customers are required to email or call in to recieve customer service.  We do not accept returns for any reason for any time period from international shipments including if you have made a special purchase order from China and have agreed by email to the production proof. We do not ship this order back to China or recieve back in our warehouse for any reason. 

Backorders - if Item is in stock it ships, if we have a backorder of a certain amount, we will send the next appropriate similar item in its place, of course, if unhappy we can refund the similar item in full but not the original item.  

If you do not put in the order notes when you need them by you are subject to this return policy, no exceptions. If you put an incorrect address in and it gets returned to sender, you are subject to our return policy. no exceptions

For supposed orders that customer said were not complete, Per our policies, we cannot ship express 1 day or 2 day orders that we cannot confirm- there are many reasons for this and can only take your word on it -IF-  you accept economy priority mail 2-3 day delivery with no guarantee of delivery date. 

Unfortunately, no returns on "party favor quality sunglasses"  as noted in the products, just because you do not like the quality. Party Favor Quality is not superior quality or polycarbonate sunglasses that we regularly sell more of because of the the difference in better quality. They are noted as well.  Please use your best judgement, if trying to save a few dollars at the expense of quality. 

Fedora Hats are not returnable at all for any reason if there is no defects. 

If you buy a 12 PACK of mixed sizes belts - you do not get to pick the sizes. They come pre-packed by manufacturer. 

Face Masks are not returnable or refundable due to Department of Health Regulations and CDC Guidelines  as per threat of spreading COVID-19.

You are only able to return the products you have an issue with not the entire order, no exceptionsAny order that is placed on the weekend or the on the same week, we do not guarantee orders to be delivered that week with free shipping. So if you did this, and did not leave in the order notes when needed, you you also will be subject to this return policy no exceptions. Any Product that comes back "not new" will be inspected for contact with skin, tags displacement, comes back damaged, washed, stained or any arrangement thereof is not returnable for any reason and will be stamped in violation of Dept of Health standards.

We reserve the right by customer purchasing to refuse refund even after sent back to us if item is not new on return. Applicable Terms set forward on this site will prevail.  Additionally, Costumes, lingerie, leggings, and all clothing articles that come in contact with the body are not returnable due to Department of Health Standards. All returns must be authorized. When returning a product for replacement, refund, or credit you have three options. (1) You may return an unused and unopened product for exchange for the same in the same size, smaller size, or bigger size (please specify)

If we determine the exchange was our fault, we will send a prepaid label to return and recieve the order before shipping out the replacement. If we determine customer fault, customer must ship back items at their own cost and fill out RMA - Return Authorization Form ABOVE LINK and send it with your email to After, we recieve the order, we will ship out new exchange order after recieving RMA. If a replacement item cannot be provided, you will receive a non- expiring store credit. All orders have a 30% restocking fee, minus free shipping cost if chosen and you will have to ship back on your own.  (2) You may return an unopened and unused product for a refund that will be subject to the following charges: a 30% restocking fee; the original shipping charges, the return shipping charges, and charges for any product not returned.(3) You may request a non-expiring store credit of 100% of the product that is being returned that is unopened and unused minus any shipping related charges. We may cancel any order before shipping if no stock or for any other reason. Orders that are special orders from China marked by a S, are not returnable for any reason. 


Customized Goods Returns Exchanges Policy

* We do not offer refunds on ready made customized products.  We only offer exchanges on damaged products, which also means if the lettering or text is crooked, misplaced or falling off. You will be required to show proof. Responses must be clearly notated by email within 30 days past delivery. If you make claims any other way or decide to make claims past 30 days since delivery, we will not honor them as it is past the date of delivery and would be obstruction of our terms of service and return policy you agreed by purchasing. Any other claims outside of this, we will take actions against you. 

*As per Customized Orders, hypersensitive complaints are not honored as per our terms of service and customized order policy. No Returns or Refunds for any reason, only replacements if you can prove by email -kindly- there is an error by taking a picture and sending it to 

* If a custom order is made on the same week purchased and needing to be delivered the same week, this conflicts with our shipping and production schedule and order will have to be refunded minus a 30% cancel fee or $43 for your custom plate stamp with your design + 2% Refund fee by our processor charged to us. This is not negotiable. 

* If you order customized scarves and do not know what a monogram is - -two or three letters joined only-, and order a monogram font for more than three letters, no exceptions you will recieve text in minion pro standard font. WE do not put monogram on anything thats more than three letters because it is not a monogram. There are no exceptions.

 *We do not put same color print on same color product regardless because it will not be seen - sunglasses, hats, scarves etc. The default is picked same print color as color item picked is "White print" there are no exceptions to this policy and if white color item picked the default color is black. PLEASE CHOOSE PRINT COLOR CAREFULLY. 

Flapper Headbands are not returnable because they are custom made. You must tell us a date when needed by to see if we can make them in time in your order notes at checkout and respond to you if needed, otherwise and notwithstanding we will assume, you are not in any time specific need of them.

We do not put same color print on same color product regardless - sunglasses, hats, scarves etc. 

*We do not make changes to any customized order after it is placed. If you email us, chat with us or call us we will tell you you have to cancel the order and reorder with new changes due to our terms of conditions of the site and the return policy stated here. If the order is made and completed and shipped by the time you email us either, reorder is only option, we do not refund customized goods or exchange them in this situation. 

* Internet images and descriptions may not always accurately reflect the exact color, style, packaging or size or description of a particular product although we try very hard for this, so if a color is similar to the picture, it always is different than real life due to resolution of screens, incandescent lights and daylight. So, because of situations out of our control exact matches of colors cannot be guaranteed and so there is no refund for this issue. The sunglasses have a item number matched to the picture, this will be the color that is represented on the site.

* If customer makes change to original options via seller order notes, this information becomes FINAL PROOF and supersedes all changes made in original options. If customer is not clear in all of their changes, the sunglasses will be made according to their changes in the seller order notes, and although we try to catch mistakes for customers, we cannot guarantee because they have already read our Seller Order Notes Policy and changed the sunglasses in the seller order notes to reflect their new changes in perpetuity. Customer will be responsible for new order and seller will not be responsible.


10/19/2020 Halloween Guarantee -



-All orders Placed by Oct 23rd by 10 AM EST  are Guaranteed to Arrive Before Halloween or Your Full Money Back upon Return-


-All Orders Placed by Oct 23rd after 10 AM are not Guaranteed while its a good chance it is will before, they are -not guaranteed- and -not refundable or returnable if not recieved by Halloween-


Use Good Judgement-