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Survival Gear

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This is a memo to all employees and customers alike of this company. As one of the owners of this company, I really started thinking about survival. I mean COVID-19 supplies? Was it essential camping gear? Who knew?

Who knew about we would have to think about coronavirus supplies, run out of toilet paper, paper towels and sanitizer. Who knew we would have to take our kids out of school, self educate and decide as a parent if they were going to graduate? This is what it comes down to?

So we are talking about survival gear right?

In order to understand all of this pandemic problems. I went online and talked to experts about essential camping gear. I looked and thought what I might pack beyond the obvious food and clothing as a survival packs. I immediately imported emergency glow sticks as a first, started making paracord in our warehouse. I also imported emergency blankets as well as other survival gear.

I absolutely love the tactical spork as an item to pack if I needed to evacuate my house with my wife and children out to the wilderness.

We are purchased huge quantities of camping hammocks, fire starters, and waterproof lighters that would also be in my backpack survival packs would be complete.

I wish all you from our family to ours - Good Health & Good Luck finding coronavirus supplies.

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