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Its time to get your swagger on at the pride party and flash around the queerest colors that everybody recognizes. These colors go back decades and are flaunted all across the globe. Even before the popular Stonewall riots of New York City in the summer of 1969, gay pride parties have been a declaration of zest and a reason to shake your booty all  day and night. A year after Stonewall, a pride parade ran the streets of Los Angeles and the pride party went from being a shoe-string, budgeted plea for rights to becoming a more flamboyant and concerted event, which today attracts half of a million people annually; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual alike.
Year after year the pride party gained speed until the media couldn't withstand the flame that radiated from the events. How could they resist the pride party extravagance? Soon almost every major city in the country sponsored a pride party and the popularity to be openly colorful started to spread internationally. From San Francisco to the Russian capital of Moscow, the sexy flame of the pride party has been contagiously ignited and cannot be subdued, not even by a squad of coppers in short shorts. Even in Kingstown, Jamaica, the pride party is defiant and demanding. Like a loud, outlandish, mischievous, tugging at the skirts of the mainstream, the pride party now celebrates at least some degree of cultural freedom in some parts of the world.

Be seen! Be heard! Feel ablaze for the pride party becoming a global trend and tradition. Stand out from the gray and drab world of the modern square and let the pride party side of you show unashamed. We have all the discount gay pride party supplies needed to accomplish this! From stockings, ties, suspenders and wigs to disco globes and police beacon lights we have what it takes to let the folks know you mean to carry the pride party to the next generations. Hoist a rainbow flag of the pride party and be simple and direct, sport a subtle belt and carry it with you everywhere you go, or be outrageous with some of the most expressive wigs and feather boas not even the straightest laced gents could ignore. Let the vibrancy of the pride party affect those that notice your celebration. When it gets dark, let the pride party light up with LED necklaces, fancy finger lights and glowing mohawk wigs. Keep the pride party lit, flaming and irresistible.
Check out our full selection of discount pride party supplies above. We also offer our pride party supplies at wholesale prices. The more you buy the more you save!
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