1920's Gangster Costumes

1920's Gangster Costumes

Fortunately, you can bring back some of that same Depression-era magic by wearing gangster costumes to your next party or event. Whether you channel Al Capone, in a striped suit, matching vest, and signature fedora, or make like good guy, G-Man Elliot Ness, in a simple grey number, you’ll be the center of attention… or else!

Gals, go on, release your inner Flapper. From wavy wigs and cigarette holders, to beaded and fringed dresses, the girls of the twenties and thirties knew how to turn a fella’s head. In gangster costumes, you don’t have to be a gun moll to bring out the big guns. Flash some leg and some fishnet stockings. Flaunt your fringe. Gangster costumes bring out your Betty Boop and gives you the chance to show off your Charleston. You'll be the queen of the speakeasy!

And speaking of speakeasies, that jazz era look is even easier to pull off with the right accessories. A fashionable feather boa with a matching feathered headpiece and you’ll be the cat’s pajamas. What respectable gun moll steps out without her trust tommy gun purse or a secret holster garter? Throw on some beads and a rhinestone bracelet and your are set to break some hearts, sweetheart.

So when you are ready to make a break for it, go with the fashion that is pure class. Gangster costumes make dressing up fun and easy. Yes, you’ll be the main event at your next event in gangster costumes. You can dress like a million without breaking the bank. Unless of course you want to. So plan your getaway today in gangster costumes; you'll get away first class.

Find out why Bonnie first fell for Clyde, and put on some fabulous gangster costumes. From zoot suits and spats, to fedoras and vests, your doll will never want the evening to end.

Gangster costumes, they're all you need for a night of speakeasy fun and fantasy. Knock, knock.

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