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Christmas Wings and Capes

There are many super heroes who have worn red capes. Superman and Robin both wore red capes which accentuated the rest of the costume they chose to wear as a disguise. Today, these red capes are available as part of the super hero costumes worn for Halloween or for other festive events. The red capes available with children's costumes can be made of fabric or vinyl. The vinyl capes are more prone to tearing when pulled than the fabric capes. These capes can come as items sewn onto the fabric collar of the costume or as separate items with ties for around the neck.

Comic book characters and super heroes were not the only people to wear red capes. In past centuries capes were worn as the outer garments in cold weather. These red capes were made from heavier types of fabric and often came with attached hoods. In the classic story of little red riding hood, the main character is actually wearing one of the older styles of red capes. These red capes not only came with protective hoods to guard against strong wind and rain, they also had slits in the sides where people could place their hands to keep them warm.

Many entertainers also wear red capes as a way of highlighting their appearance. Magicians can wear red capes to contrast with the black they wear for their clothing. Some styles of red capes have the outer material as black and the inner material as red. This creates a dramatic effect when the cape is swirled in a flourish. Red capes can also be used to add glamor to a formal evening dress. In this design the cape is made of a flowing fabric such as silk and hangs down the back of the gown, often with an elongated train. Modern designers of women's fashions have even created extravagant red ball gowns and wedding dresses designed to be worn with red capes as outerwear.

Modern designs also use red capes as costumes for characters in movies or on television shows. These capes can be added to a sleek looking skin tight red jumpsuit or to a formal man's black tuxedo. Vampires are very hot characters in many movies and TV shows made today. Vampires have been known to wear red capes made in the same style as the magicians cape. The color red was chosen to signify their lust for blood.

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