Cheap Party Wristbands

The popular cheap wristband of today that is now sold as a bracelet is really one of a great variety of party wristbands. Not to be confused with the wristbands used to detain one borrowed from your local police, these cheap wholesale wristbands are worn as a sign of protest and you have to buy one or get one as a gift unless you really want to borrow the ultimate in custom wristbands loaned out occasionally by the cops. Since you probably don't want one of those, check out our selection of wholesale party wristbands today.

The cheap wristbands that we are interested in have become part of the fashion world and are worn as a symbol of some group or as a decorative accent to costumes. The origin of the party wristband appears to have its origin with the yellow wristband originated by the famous Lance Armstrong. He designed the yellow wristband to remind the world and himself that he had beaten cancer. Feeling a bit like you are wearing a cold jelly fish, Armstrong's wristbands probably scared the cancer right out of those wearing them.
His custom wristbands sold for one dollar and made a fortune for the manufacturer and for Lance Armstrong who donated all of his profit from his custom wristbands to the laboratories that are doing cancer research.

The yellow Armstrong wristband was seen as a protest against cancer led by a survivor of cancer. Many of the wholesale wristbands that are selling today have similar meanings much like wearing an armband or holding a leash. The first yellow bracelet was made by the Nike corporation and was made from yellow plastic that was soft much like the silicone used in artificial breasts implants.

Wearing cheap party wristbands helps one to feel connected to some group or cause. Wearing cheap wholesale wristbands can help one to get over the need of wearing a wrist watch. The facts are that they have become a great money maker. It is estimated that the Armstrong wristband made more that 27 million dollars in profit from its sell in the first six months it was put on the market. Though we do not sell these, we do sell cheap wholesale wristbands to both individuals and retail stores. Check out our huge selection of party wristbands today and save!
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