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Angel Party

Discount Angel Costume Accessories

To dress as an angel, is a costume idea, as old as time. For eons, angels have been a source of fascination and admiration. The most famous illustration of angels is the angel of light on one side, and the angel of darkness on the other, and a person being pulled between these two extremes of right and wrong. Dressing as an angel makes a great costume choice, for any party. With the plethora of discount angel costume accessories to choose from, there is something for everyone.

A halo is one angel party accessory that cannot be overlooked. A feathered angel halo completes the look of a truly heavenly being. 

Wings are the main angel party accessory that really makes the angel costume. There is no way an angel can be an angel, without wings. Discount angel party supplies include wings in different colors, to match the type of angel costume desired. For example, the black and red feathered angel wings, found in the angel party favors, are perfect for the dark angel. These wings top of the look of the angel from below, and help complete that costume look.

Another discount angel costume accessory that is available is the beautiful feathered white angel wings. These are perfect for the "heavenly host" angel's costume. These angel costume accessories are a must have item, for anyone who wished to dress as an angel of light. Two sizes are available, for these angel wings. One is the large grand wings of a true Archangel, and one is the smaller wings perfect for a cupid costume.

Also available, in the angel party favors, is butterfly children's wings. These create the look of a tiny angel in training, and can be found in angel party favors. These bejeweled wings create a shiny almost otherworldly effect, for a tiny angel costume.

Heavenly feathered boas are also available. This can be the piece that tops off a perfect angel of light costume. 

Angel party supplies have something for anyone that wishes to dress as an angel. Dressing as an angel is the perfect costume for any party. 

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