50's Party

50's Party

One of the quintessential looks for ladies that are trying to add a vintage 50s look to an outfit is cat-eye shaped eye and sunglasses. They are ideal for all types of outfits, especially when used as part of a sock hop look. For a vibrant look at the 50s party, consider pink glasses with polka dots, or with rhinestones. For a real pop of color you can try red cat-eye glasses for a 50s party.

Spice up your costume for a 50s party with a sexy red corset cinch belt. This is what will create that tiny waist found among the ladies of the 50s. To dress things up even more for a 50s party, choose from long chiffon scarves in colors such as red, pink and blue.

With a few special touches men can attire themselves well for a 50s party. The look of the time was often swanky. Accessories make the whole look for a 50s party. What you may not know is that men in that era did not wear standard ties. Rather the look of the 50s called for slim ties. When choosing the right one for a 50s party, consider going with white or yellow, or a bold red.

Fedora hats were very common for men in the 50s and perfect for a 50s party. It has that swanky look with a gangster touch. A white, pin-striped fedora will work with most costume options for a 50s party.

Use props to make a 50s party more fun. One such prop is fake cigarettes. Perfect for both men and women, they make it possible to complete the look for a 50s party without having to actually smoke or carry around an unlit cigarette.

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